Excellence in Medical Association Management Since 1974

Our team has strong relationships within the medical community and its association leaders. We have well-established partnerships with medical suppliers and manufacturers and are positioned to maximize these relationships for the benefit of our societies.

About Us

Ruggles Service Corporation is a medical association management company that provides a variety of in-house services geared to promote the growth, strength and integrity of the societies that we represent. We understand the uniqueness of this niche and our experience and knowledge of the medical society industry has allowed us to provide unprecedented service to our clients for over 40 years.

Benefits of Partnering with Ruggles

By partnering with an association management company (AMC), your society enters a mutually rewarding relationship with a full complement of professional staff members with extensive industry knowledge and experience. We support your association by providing a headquarters office, current technology and equipment, shared purchasing power and more. Your society members know us as their office and staff, not as an association management company.


Association management companies offer services on a fee-based schedule. Because we operate at the highest level of efficiency by serving multiple clients and sharing overhead, significant cost savings can be passed along to the association. A proven model of success, the AMC industry has been in business for more than 100 years. Today, over 600 AMCs operate globally and represent more than three million members.


Ruggles partners with societies all over the country whose membership demographics spread all over the world. We are thrilled that we’re able to turn our passion into a rewarding partnership with the medical community. We look forward to the opportunity to discuss your society’s needs and find creative solutions specifically tailored to your membership.

To learn more about the services Ruggles provides, or if your society is seeking organizational excellence and more growth opportunities, please get in touch!